Carolina Series



Carolina Hope

Dr. Erin Ryan has been running from her past for years. Leaving home as a broken-hearted teen, she is now living a successful life as a surgeon in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Returning to her South Carolina home for Christmas, at her mother’s insistence, she quickly comes face to face with the past she’s been running from, Ben Roth. A single father with a young daughter, Ben is just as handsome as Erin remembers. 

An accident, the news of her mother’s illness, and one sweet little girl named Hope could bring the star-crossed lovers together again, if the secret Erin has been keeping doesn’t destroy the second chance they’ve been given. Will Ben forgive her or will he be the one to say goodbye this time around? 

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Carolina Longing 

Samantha Ford left town thirteen years ago, after a family tragedy rocked her young world. Now, she's back and, when the first person she comes into contact with is none other than Cooper Alexander, the boyfriend who abandoned her in her hour of need, she doesn't know how to react.

As the two former lovers begin to find their way back to each other, can Sam put the past behind her? It seems as if it may haunt her forever. Will she turn Cooper away for good this time or will they find a way to be together, leaving the scars behind forever?

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Carolina Faith 

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